5 Grandmillennial Decor Trends I Love

5 Grandmillennial Decor Trends I Love

Christine Trant
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Between decorating my antique home and creating a custom collection using antique frames with the Grandmillennial Shop, I have been researching all things home and, specifically, grandmillennial decor. 

After living in various approximately 1,000 square-foot apartments for almost a decade, my husband and I were a bit daunted by decorating our first home. We bought our house in November and have been taking our time really "getting to know" our 1810 Cape-style New England home. I have always loved home decor trends and collecting antiques, so while I am a bit overwhelmed by the idea of defining our particular home style, I am entirely enjoying the process. 

Grandmillennial decor is the intersection of an appreciation for traditional decor styles and antiques with more modern colors and finishes. Aka, "grandma" meets "millennial." As someone in her mid-30s who started her first antique collection before she could drink legally, "grandmillennial" definitely describes me! 

As I've been combing through interior design inspirations, these 5 grandmillennial decor trends keep catching my eye: 

1. Colorful China

Green floral china on a light blue gingham tablecloth with pastel pink roses, creating a beautiful tablescape of Grandmillennial decor

Bright and colorful china hung on a light blue wall over a decorative chinoiserie side chair in a grandmillennial decor dining room

Bright green and hot pink china with matching napkin in beaded napkin ring with gold chinoiserie flatware on a green and white placemat and blue and white tablecloth making a beautiful Grandmillennial decor-inspired tablescape

Blue and white china above a blue, white, and pink bed in a Grandmillennial decor bedroom

Colorful china hanging on a light blue wall over a navy blue lacquered bar cart

Maybe I'm just a collector at heart and am itching to dive into a new hunt, but I love the grandmillennial decor trend of using antique china—whether for tablescapes or decorative pieces. 

2. Velvet Seating

Green velvet sofa with white trim in grandmillennial decor living room

Pastel pink velvet couch with white fringe in grandmillennial decor living room

Peach velvet vanity stool in grandmillennial decor

Seafoam blue green velvet sofa with white fringe, purple and cheetah print pillows, and other grandmillennial decor

Dusty pink velvet chesterfield sofa in grandmillennial living room

Mark and I actually had a velvet couch when we first moved in together a decade ago and, if I remember correctly, it had originally belonged to his old roommate's grandmother. It was light blue tufted velvet and years later, I still regret letting it go. All she really needed was a good clean and to refresh her stuffing. I hope whoever has it now is more kind to her than we were! 

Anyway, our grandparents' velvet seating—sofas, love seats, benches, you name it—is making a major comeback especially in midcentury and mod pastel shades and I am all about it. 

3. Brightly Upcycled Vintage

Light pink lacquered antique dresser

Bright green painted antique china cabinet

Navy blue chinoiserie dresser

Bright pink painted antique secretary desk

Light blue lacquered chinoiserie dresser

I adore a beautifully cared-for antique piece of furniture in its original form, but sometimes age wears down a piece, and painting it is a creative way to ensure it lives on instead of ending up in a landfill. 

These colorfully upcycled pieces are a beautiful metaphor for grandmillennial style: an appreciation of antique pieces made fresh and fun for a new generation. 

4. Fun Wallpaper

Rifle Paper Co floral wallpaper in a bathroom

Teal floral wallpaper and gilded mirror

Green and cream chinoiserie-inspired wallpaper

Blue damask wallpaper in a home office

Floral wallpaper in a pink bedroom

How fun are these wallpapers? I absolutely love how much they brighten up a space, especially unexpected spots like a powder room or entryway.

5. Blue and White

Blue and white abstract art by Christine Dore Trant

Tacking Gracefully

Tacking Gracefully


20 x 20 inches. Framed. Acrylic on canvas. Part of the New England Coastal Collection, this piece is inspired by the classic blue, white, and neutral details found throughout the seaside towns and beaches of Southern Maine and Massachusetts. This… Read More

Blue and white chaise longe

Blue and white bedroom

Blue and white chinoiserie tablescape

Blue and white wallpaper and chairs

If you've seen my New England Coastal Collection, you know I love the drama of blue and white! Give me all the blue and white forever. It's classic and colorful without being overwhelming. These pieces will always work, no matter how else your tastes evolve. 

I can't wait to implement some of these trends into decorating my first house! 

All images in this post are via Pinterest.

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