Come on in, dear!

I’m Christine Dore Trant (well, duh).

I’m a word nerd, a book dragon, and a lover of stories.

I’m also a content marketer, wife, daughter, sister, and so on — but that’s not why you’re here.

This blog is purely for fun. For sharing my reading, travel, and other lifestyle adventures. It’s for all the things I won’t talk about in my business, Asterism and Co (and don’t worry, I won’t go plugging my biz in every post. I’ll only share the fun, book-riffic aspects of owning a content marketing agency that caters to book publishers!).

If you’re here, you’re a reader, too. Whether you’re looking for a new, great book or the perfect bag to carry your current read in while you explore the world, you’ve found the right place!

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book dragon | bo͝ok ˈdraɡən|

NOUN a stronger alternative to “bookworm,” the book dragon is wholeheartedly obsessed with all things literary.

ORIGIN late 20th cent.: Internet, probably Tumblr.