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Enduring Timber I

12 x 10 inches 
Acrylic on canvas board and antique frame 

Traveling to locales with existing structures from ancient and medieval eras consistently awes me. The timbers of the half-timbered buildings in Rouen have seen half a millennia of history. And still, they endure.

When I began creating a mood board for this collection based on the aesthetic of Nicole Letts’ home and the Grandmillennial Shop, I was immediately transported to a day I spent strolling the Medieval streets of Rouen, France. I just adore how their 500+-year-old buildings aren’t dark or drab but bright and colorful. Just like Grandmillennial style, which draws classic silhouettes and finishes from our grandparents’ home decor and adds a dash of color and whimsy. This collection is heavily influenced by that idyllic day. I sincerely hope this collection, in turn, inspires its viewers to visit a destination that defies expectations.

Purchased pieces include a certificate of authenticity and ship within two weeks of purchase. All sales final.