Studio Sale Preview: Rosettes Pieces

Studio Sale Preview: Rosettes Pieces

The "rosettes" — the small swirls of color that punctuate my paintings — hold a very special place of meaning in my work. I find inspiration through travel; I pull color palettes from everything from sweeping cityscapes and architecture to natural vistas and botanical elements. The rosettes signify those moments in travel that fundamentally shift something in us. 

It may be counter-intuitive, but I feel most myself when I travel. Maybe it has something to do with shedding the responsibilities and everyday fears of daily life; I find I am more outgoing, willing to explore, and less anxious. 

Whether I am traveling abroad to a country with a different language, scenery, and traditions than my own or to a neighboring New England town, there is always some moment — big or small — that shifts something in me. There are always moments in travel that change us, change our opinions, change what is important to us, change our understanding, if you're open to seeing them. 

My rosettes commemorate those moments, those shifts — whether they are cataclysmic or infinitesimal — that change us. 



Stack of abstract paintings by Christine Dore Trant on black granite countertop

The rosettes have continued to capture the spirit of these shifts, and become near and dear to my heart (that texture! I don't think I'll ever get over it!). I've begun creating pieces made purely of the rosettes. They're freeing and organic and untethered in a way that feels so invigorating. 
Three of these rosettes-only pieces will be a part of this July 1st's Studio Sale. 

Rosettes Paintings
Abstract "Rosettes" painting by Christine Dore Trant in the middle of a gallery wall featuring an antique portrait, modern city scape of Edinburgh Scotland, and antique sampler stitching piece.
"Depths Calling" 
Abstract "Rosettes" painting by Christine Dore Trant
"Zephyr Answers"
Abstract "Rosettes" painting on kitchen shelf above hanging mugs and large bowl of produce
"Hibiscus Rosettes"
These pieces are all available as part of the annual Studio Sale, beginning July 1st, 2023. 


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