Christine Dore Trant abstract paintings with antique frames arranged in her studio


About Christine 

My creative heart soars in the intersection of where old meets new: abstract art united with antique frames, classic styles with new patterns, historic color palettes used in new products. 

I am most frequently inspired by travel—whether it be to a neighboring quaint New England town near my home or a culture entirely different from what I am familiar with. My signature rosettes represent those moments in travel when your perspective shifts: you learn something new, you experience a new food, you talk to someone who's background is different from yours, you traverse a conversation in a new language, you have a moment that forever changes you and grows your heart. 


Painting titled "Greek Revival" by Christine Dore Trant showcasing her abstract artwork on an antique frame


I live in the Boston area with my husband and yellow lab, Daisy, where we are (oh so slowly) lovingly renovating and restoring our 1840s antique home. When I'm not in my "tower" (aka attic home studio), traveling, or antique hunting, you can usually find me curled up with my pup and a good book! 


Artist Christine Dore Trant with her yellow lab dog in front of a large abstract painting by her