Studio Sale Preview: Works on Paper

Studio Sale Preview: Works on Paper

I have long had an absolute love of paper. I adored school supply shopping as a kid and continue to collect notebooks like a small hoarding dragon. There is just something so beautifully tangible and tactile-y satisfying about paper—the texture, color, and pattern variations of paper just make my heart happy. 

Back when I was working in book publishing, I would push for the best paper and cover options for my authors. Who doesn't love a french flap paperback or a paper-over-board hardcover and a deckle edge page? *swoon*

My lifelong love of good paper made a natural appearance in my art practice. I collect great papers from adorable stationery and art stores during my travels and bring them home to use in studies and smaller works of art. 

The 2023 Studio Sale includes a number of different works on paper that I am so thrilled to share with you. 

Works on Paper 

Abstract painting on paper, "Aster Sun," by Christine Dore Trant next to an antique Chinoiserie vase on a kitchen counter
"Aster Sun"
Abstract Paintings "Dugan Brook" and "Angiers Pond" by Christine Dore Trant on kitchen counter with produce bowl
"Angiers Pond" and "Dugan Brook"
"Goose Pond" abstract painting on paper by Christine Dore Trant framed and styled on a shelf above mugs
"Goose Pond"
"Landfarer" abstract painting on paper by Christine Dore Trant framed and styled on a kitchen counter in front of a window next to a vintage style vase
"Seafarer" abstract painting on paper by Christine Dore Trant in the center of a gallery wall with antique portrait, antique stitch sampler, and modern cityscape watercolor
"Limestone Wall" and "Gneiss Wall" abstract paintings in marble frames styled on kitchen shelves above vintage chinoiserie vase
"Limestone Wall" and "Gneiss Wall"
"Trillium Shade" abstract painting on paper in gold floater frame on kitchen shelf with yellow flowers in antique bottle
"Trillium Shade"



These paper pieces are all created with beautiful versions of heavyweight watercolor and mixed-media papers. Each piece comes framed in a fashion befitting its unique style and composition. 

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