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Christine Dore Trant

Ploughman to Poet

Ploughman to Poet

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Famous poet Robert Burns was known as the "Ploughman Poet" due to his upbringing in a farming family. The reach one life can make across time and cultures is represented in the sweeping composition of this piece. 

This collection brings the practically mythical allure of Edinburgh home and encourages you to take a closer look. This piece was inspired by this enchanting city and the idea that the more you take the time to look—at your life, at a problem, at a piece of art, at the big and little things—the more understanding you will find.

Built over centuries, defended by a fortress-castle atop an ancient volcanic rock, strolled by writers and poets and travelers, the city of Edinburgh begs you to look closer. At first glance, the sandstone of Old and New Town paints Edinburgh in a swath of beige. But the more you look, the more you wander the winding streets and beckoning closes, the more varied hues you start to notice. Each step oozes with charm and history. The Edinburgh Collection evokes the ambiance of old world charm and modern vibrance.

21 x 25 inches 
Acrylic on canvas panel and antique frame
Original artwork signed by Christine Dore Trant & includes Certificate of Authenticity

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